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SeniorNet Federation of N.Z.

The Tauranga SeniorNet Club Inc.,
Box 15382,
New Zealand.

Our Learning Centre is in 17th Avenue.

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Timetable for Term One 2017

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Classes include:

  • Introduction to Android Tablets (Samsung, Sony, Nexus, etc.)
  • Introduction to the iPad
  • Mail and Safari with the iPad
  • Introduction to the iPhone
  • Using the Camera and the Photos App on iOS (iPad and iPhone)
  • TradeMe on iOS (iPad and iPhone)
  • Introduction to Android Smartphones
  • Introduction to Computers for users of Microsoft Windows
  • Inserting Pictures in Documents Using Microsoft Word for Windows
  • Windows 10 – How to use the new Start Menu and Features
  • Email using "Windows Live Mail" or "eM Client" for Windows devices
  • Email using Google's Gmail on Windows devices
  • Email using Outlook.com and Mail for Windows 10
  • Picture Editing, Levels One and Two
  • Internet Banking workshops

Course Prerequisites

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Dates for your 2017 Calendar

One31 Jan14 April
Two1 May7 Jul
Three24 Jul29 Sep
Four16 Oct20 Dec

These dates are based on
Ministry of Education information.


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Email Address

Our email address is

Visit Vodafone.co.nz

Vodafone is a
significant sponsor
of SeniorNet in NZ.

Free Tutorials

Free tutorials for dozens of computer, tablet and smartphone applications are available on line.

GCF Learn Free tutorials include text, pictures and video instructions starting from the simplest items to more advanced layouts.
Visit the GCF Learn Free website and check this out.

Buying a Computer?

Check these guidelines first.

Free Quick Reference Cards

Free Quick Reference Cards for Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 & 2016 programmes are available in PDF format.
Download and print them yourself.
Click on a title to open it. Then save it to your Documents folder.


Use an on-line Facebook Tutorial

It's is a great way to learn about Facebook, the popular way of communicating and sharing information, photos and videos with friends and family around the world.

Click to visit the Omanu Bowling Club website.
The Omanu Bowling Club website
has information and pictures about the events and the bowlers.

We have Moved

During 2017 there will be significant earthworks followed by the construction of the new TECT building adjacent to our classroom. Major improvements will also be made to our premises. During that time we have to vacate the building.
We have moved into the main part of the Historic Village, and have plenty of space for our furniture, computer setup and office requirements.

► Click here to see a map of our location in the Historic Village.

Keeping Up With the Play
Tablets – What Are They?

At SeniorNet we strive to keep up with the play, computerwise.
In 2012 we began courses for users of portable devices, starting with iPads.

Since then, we have introduced courses for users of Android Tablets, Android Smartphones and iPhones.
Smartphones and iPhones are very small tablet computers that can also send and receive phone calls and texts (SMS).

So what is a Tablet?
Are all Tablets iPads?
What is Android?
What is a Surface Tablet?
What use would I have for a Tablet?
Could it replace my computer?
Read more.

A Shortlist of Freeware programs

For details and download files of these free programs, click on a program name.

Memento - a Post-It Notes program
Allway Sync - synchronize files between your computer and your USB Flash Drive or removable hard drive, or between two computers.
AM-DeadLink - checks links in your Favorites list to test whether they are still functioning websites.
Recuva - recovers (undeletes) deleted files. Good for rescuing deleted files on a USB Flash Drive or other external drive.

Pictures and Drawings
FastStone Image Viewer – an excellent photo viewer and editing program.
PhotoFiltre - a fully featured drawing and photo manipulation program
Paint.NET – an excellent image editor handling multiple image layers.
PhotoStory – makes slideshows with transitions, panning and zooming, background music and commentary.
MW Snap – a screen-grabber program

Office programs
LibreOffice. – an excellent full office suite that can read and write MS Office files, including recent versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Updated 27th January 2017.

Browse through our web site to find out about us.
Contact our secretary on (07) 577-1912 or email to TaurangaSeniorNet@clear.net.nz