About Us

Who are we?

  • Tauranga SeniorNet is a voluntary, non-profit club for Seniors, where members help each other learn how to use modern technology such as computers, smartphones and tablets.

  • Like any other Club we are managed by a committee, elected from among our members each year.
  • There are about 300 members in the club.
  • There are more than 80 SeniorNet clubs in New Zealand.
  • The Tauranga SeniorNet Club is a member of the New Zealand Federation of SeniorNet Societies.
    Visit their website at www.seniornet.nz

The classes

We teach seniors how to use:

  • Computers that have a modern Microsoft Windows operating system
  • Apple iPads
  • Apple iPhones
  • Android Tablets
  • Android Smartphones
  • Smart TVs

We do not teach usage of Apple Macintosh (Mac) or Linux computers.

  • Our classroom has four Windows 10 computers for those who have desktop computers at home. Most members bring their own laptops to computer classes. All those attending tablet or phone courses bring their own portable devices. Their devices need to have their batteries fully charged, to avoid having charging cables around the classroom.
  • Classes are held on weekdays between the hours of 9.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m.
  • Students attend one 2-hour lesson per week for the duration of each course.
  • There are usually only eight places available in each class, with some classes restricted to six students.
  • We aim to have a coaching ratio of 1 coach per 3 students, or better.
    The coaches are volunteers, most of whom have learned computing at SeniorNet and enjoy assisting others to acquire basic technical skills. They are not professional tutors.
  • During lessons the coaches introduce and demonstrate new skills which students practise, referring to the instructions in the manual or printed notes supplied.
    The coaches move around the group, offering assistance where required.
  • Students using SeniorNet computers will save their work onto USB Flash Drives (memory sticks) so that they can take their work home for practice on their own machines during the week.
  • During each lesson there is a break for tea or coffee.

Where are we?

  • Our Learning Centre is at the Historic Village on 17th Avenue, Tauranga. See the Location page for details and a map.