How to join

If you would like to learn more about computing – desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs – we would love to have you join us.
Our courses are planned to meet personal computing requirements. They are not designed to train people for employment related computing.

  • For further information about becoming a member, or to inquire about the courses we teach, phone (07) 577 1912, or email your contact details to us:
  • The Annual Subscription is $25.00
    Our financial year starts on 1st January.
    New members joining in the fourth term of the year have their subscription carried through until the end of the following year. That is, they enjoy about 15 months membership for the initial subscription.

Renew your subscription

Deposit $25 to our Westpac account 03-1548-0002612-00. Ensure that your name and the word “subs” are included in the Particulars/Code/Reference fields.