New location for 2020!


We are now in Building 70, at the far (eastern) end of the Historic Village.

Access is from 17th Avenue.

On the map, squares A and B show the entry and exit driveways, just about opposite the St John’s Ambulance Station. Drive through the Entry gate (A), turn right, and go around the back of the new Kollective building (pictured below) to the SeniorNet rooms, circled in red on the map.

SeniorNet is behind this building

On-site parking is available for SeniorNet students and coaches. Approaching the SeniorNet rooms, turn right into the car park on higher ground above the building.



Term Dates for 2020

Term One – 3rd February to 17th April
Term Two – 27th April to 3rd July
Term Three – 20th July to 25th September
Term Four – 12th October to 18th December

Contact us at …

Phone: 07 577 1912
Email: email@taurangaseniornet.co.nz
Post: P O Box 841, Tauranga 3144